Chloe H: More effectively pass on institutional knowledge from older to newer guards

Candidate: Chloe


Talked with Chloe during her shift about the mentorship program. She wants to focus on the institutional knowledge that new guards must learn, and how we can better teach this to new guards earlier in the season.

Overarching goal; help to destigmatize the barrier between new guards and leadership members to remove the “us vs them” mentality.

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  • Chloe:

  • More effectively pass on institutional knowledge from older to newer guards. Tomorrow is Chloe’s last day at the pool, so we talked about how to continue mentorship during the winter and into next year. We’re both going off to college, so we are going to see about meeting virtually to continue working on this goal.

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    Information about the Goal

    Chloe arrived at their goal through a series of meetings and refinement. Learn how that process happened.

    What should we improve?

    The candidate chose items in the aquatics program and department to improve. Goals are broad targets that we will work towards. Every meeting and task done will be in service of that goal. Goals should be large enough to encompass many tasks. Goals may not be attainable. Goals are our guiding direction; our North Star.

    Chloe’s brainstormed ideas:

    Finding ways to break down “us vs them” barriers between leadership and guards. Could bounce off of Harry’s pool fams idea?
    More effectively pass on institutional knowledge to younger guards. Create a guide, a cheat sheet to common unknowns. Improve beginning of season communication, encourage guards to reach out to managers and head guards instead of Jeff?

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