Ashley: Review Brainstorm goals


Related Goal: Ashley: Educate staff on testable skills and level structure to promote swimmer progress

Jeffrey Napolski (9/12/2023 4:27 PM): Objectives for next meeting: Refine language of your chosen goal. Brainstorm 2 tasks. Pick a task to begin with and start defining specifically what you’re going to do, or what you want to do.

Jeffrey Napolski (9/12/2023 4:21 PM): Identifying the problem: there are not a lot of examples shown or demonstrations. Providing opportunities to make examples happn; provide training oprtions to have all swim instructors get in the water and do a skills practice/demonstration. Goal 4: Provide more site specific training for lifeguards: Taking LG to DHS and showing them where to go and where to supplies are. Show people where the binder is. Make a video and site specific training just for each place showing: where supplies are, what the EAP is and how to do the rotations. What the procedure is for First Aid & ice packs.

Jeffrey Napolski (9/12/2023 4:12 PM): I

Jeffrey Napolski (9/12/2023 4:11 PM): Goal 3: Structure swim lessons to allow for more personalized instruction during group lessons. Educate staff on teaching techniques to provide better feedback. Tasks: 1. Add area in swim isntructor training to focus on learning styles. -> Communicate to swim instructors how to do the specific skills

Jeffrey Napolski (9/12/2023 4:09 PM): Goal 1: Ensure that instructors are clear on the testable skills and level structure to make sure swimmers are achieving those benchmarks and working towards them to progress through the swimming program. Update the language and make sure it is more concise. Goal 3:

Jeffrey Napolski (9/12/2023 4:04 PM): Ashley worked on her Goals and Tasks and we reviewed them. Goal 1: Didn’t change

Action items:






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