Gwen: Meeting 3

Candidate: Gwen S

Related Goal: Gwen: Improve swim instructor ability to communicate and incentivize their swimmers to improve.

Jeffrey Napolski (12/5/2023 5:14 PM): Discussed the different tasks that Gwen created and chose Task 1 as her first task. Then refined the language to create her first task.

Jeffrey Napolski (12/5/2023 5:07 PM): Reviewed the 4 brainstormed ideas. Chose one. established next steps: tasks. Come up with 3 tasks. Brainstorm them. Think about what are you going to “Do” to achieve your goal? Can we add to LC and assess the LC and give them feedback. Talked about early childhood development and using the Lesson Coordinator Handbook for in-service training and something new. Action Items for next meeting: Come up with 3 tasks. Brainstorm them. Think about what are you going to “Do” to achieve your goal? Then come up with up to 3 steps for each task. Tentative first two: – In service training for all swim ins. – New swim instructor training for feedback. – ???? Attend a Saturday or weekday swim lessons not as swim instructor or lifeguard, but punch in, and observe lessons with a critical eye for feedback and think about how improve the instructor’s ability to give feedback Explanation of program and how it works. Goal topics for improvement: Swim instructor trainings for improving instructor / swimmer relationships. See it just as babysitting. Weak feedback; make sure there is effective feedback instead of lip-service. Not as monitored as how the INS are implementing the techniques and skills. LC feel apprehensive to give feedback instead of helping the kids as well as they should. Felt wrong telling someone to give feedback differently. Training for Lifeguarding could have more emphasis on first aid before certification. Constant first aid, cpr, and not as much done in each scenario. Swim Lessons is my main area of expertise. I feel like a further emphasis on customer service relations. Cashiers and concessions people could technically do the job but they weren’t really personable and the experience was sub-par; reserved, quiet, not talkative. Customer didn’t have the best experience. More emphasis on how DHS shifts go and what the expectations are. And what pattern and how many people are guarding the pool. Discrepancy there. Not normally a head guard. Unsupervised. Goal Brainstorm 1: Improve instructor’s ability to communicate and incentivize their swimmers to improve Task 1: Lead an inservice for swim instructors to improve Observe swim lessons and look for positive and negative modes of teaching demonstrated, and what behavior to celebrate Come up with a list of common behaviors that work well with children, new tricks to connect or communicate and common behaviors that are not effective with children for the inservice Lead an inservice teaching (new?) instructors effective communication skills with children to achieve more growth and a better connection Task 2: Implement training for new instructors for better communication skills (Through Child-development training for swim instructors) Curate effective, simple child development training slideshow or reading for new instructors to read as they learn Share it during instructor training or include it as a training topic on humanity Task 3: See if younger Coho coaches would be willing to let new swim instructors watch a practice? Email younger coho coach asking if an opportunity for new instructors to witness their practice to gather effective techniques Find days that work for them (if they are willing) Schedule as shifts on humanity Goal Brainstorm 2: Create a feedback system for swim instructors to improve their feedback to swimmers Goal Brainstorm 3: Provide further training for cashiers and concessions to improve customer service relations Goal Brainstorm 4: Create site-specific training for guards at DHS

Action items:

1. Observe a least 4 classes NOT as LG or INS. Document specific examples of positive teaching behavior, and negative teaching behavior. And Positve instructor celebrations of swimmer successes.

Use as a reference.






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