CC: Increase applications to school-year aquatic positions

Candidate: Cecilia B


Related Tasks:

Related Meetings:

  • CC: Second Meeting

  • Ensure that all newly promoted Head Guards have access to an all encompassing standardized mode of training.

    Develop and put on an event over the summer of the winter season in order to foster new bands between members of the community.

    Plan and put on aquatics staff specific events in order to foster new bonds between employees as they grow as a team.

    In order to recruit more employees, have an after school meeting for the prospective employees to engage more deeply with the demands of being and aquatics employee.

    Three different arenas: administrative training, community and culture building, and recruitment.

    Choose: Recruitment as the passion.

    In order to recruit more employees, have an after school meeting for the prospective employees to engage more deeply with the demands of being an aquatics employee.

    To recruit more employees.

    What is the problem we’re trying to solve?
    People sometimes think that they’ll work every day and get burnt out.
    – Potential Fix: stress importance of being organized and knowing schedule.
    – Potential Fix: give training on Humanity and how to set a calendar.

    People think that if they’re not a swimmer they can’t be a lifeguard.

    • Non swimmer training for lifeguard training.
    • Non-swimmer clinic on stroke improvement

    People think that they can’t do the job and therefore don’t apply.

    • Ways to do something else; concessions and cashier.
    • work with friends in the same location

    How can we rephrase this to be more of a goal, and less of a Task.

    Increase applications to school-year aquatic positions

    Action items:

    First population target: already employed summer employees.

    We want them to commit and actually work during the summer.


    • A day in the life of an SRC LG or Swim INS video?
    • Have new summer employees (only) event at beginning of the summer season say there is still a being inside aspect. They’ll be there and be in the zone, and it’ll be more like a what its like during the school year.
    • Walking around pool at DHS
    • Sitting at SRC and seeing what to do; check hot tub and the main pool
    • Have activities and games setup, like scanning game and counting in the pool. Counting.


    What are you going to do?

    How are you going to do it?

    And who is going to show up? Where?



    Related Updates:

    Information about the Goal

    Cecilia B arrived at their goal through a series of meetings and refinement. Learn how that process happened.

    What should we improve?

    The candidate chose items in the aquatics program and department to improve. Goals are broad targets that we will work towards. Every meeting and task done will be in service of that goal. Goals should be large enough to encompass many tasks. Goals may not be attainable. Goals are our guiding direction; our North Star.

    Cecilia B’s brainstormed ideas:

    Ensure all newly promoted HG have access to standardized mode of training
    Develop and put on event over summer/winter to foster bonds between Deerfield public community
    Plan and run a pool staff event to foster new team bonds
    Develop and implement on-site high school after hour meeting to engage more deeply the demands of being an aquatics employee

    Goal Evaluation:

    Document the number of 2023-2024 application and match with 2024 applications in December, and again in April 2025.

    Look and see if the numbers increased or not.

    *retaining summer employees to work during the school year.






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