CC: First meeting

Candidate: Cecilia B

Related Goal:

First meeting talk about goals and what they are and discuss the work she’s already done.


Talking with Elena and her promotion and she was asking me questions about it.

Head Guard training is not very robust. Better to have a video and a guide and a form. And more formal training. Instead of just using the “pool leadership guide” document.

Over the summer: community engagement and the pools are a huge piece of “our” community. Most sit in their own corner and just sit with themselves. Splash-a-palooza. To increase community and patrons mixing.

  • Potentially being inovlved in Wacky Wednesday planning and event ideas.

NOTE: These are two great categories: Staff training and community engagement, growth and fostering collaboration.

Buddy system; we had an end of year party; add an event or two during the summer for staff. Create better bonds within the staff so that you’re on a shift with any one person even if you don’t know them and can be friends.

Recruiting staff; some sort of after school thing one day. An event at school right after to get a taste of what aquatics its like. A lot of people have pre-concieved notions. Informational and activity and less rushed.

What time does school end: 3:14pm. Sports happen immediately after. Get a classroom or space. 3:20pm. – 4:30pm.

Broadly: recruitment and engagement and community development.

Action items:

Refine the 4 things that we talked about in the meeting into 4 different thesis statements, or “Goals.”

For example, “For staff that are recently promoted, improve their job understanding with specific training.”

Each thesis/goal should be concise, clear, but broad enough to encompass multiple “tasks” (things you’re going to do).








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