Ashley: Review the Level and Skills boards

Candidate: Ashsly Lamberti

Related Goal: Ashley: Educate staff on testable skills and level structure to promote swimmer progress

Review the 4 posters that Ashley created.

Called Marketing department to check on the creation status of the boards. They’ll be sent to the printer on 2/27/2024 and will receive proofs once they’re ready to print.

*Will at the DPD logo and title.

They will help inform the parents and the instructors and the kids.

The skills and the challenges will be easier to aim and point at the skills they need to pass to the next level.

Encourage the instructors to have more creativity in coming up with activities and challenges to use in their lessons so they can lead up things towards the skills listed.

Final proof of items:

Where will we place the a-frame boards once they’re printed?

In front of the lanes?

Put it on the glass?

Lean it against the glass. Put it on the top of the benches. ** Lean it on the brown benches against the far side so that everyone can see them; ins, swimmers, and parents.

Action items:

Attend a Saturday swim lesson or a weekday and bring the printed posters. Put them on the bench to be seen.

Talk to the following people and ask questions about them:

  • Parents
  • Swimmers
  • Instructors

Questions to ask:

  • Can you see them?
  • Do they make sense?
  • Are they clear?
  • Do you have any questions?


Then document their answers and the effectiveness of the posters. Do we need to do updates and do we need to adjust where we put them or show parents?






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